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ReformX are reformer-based classes that are both Intense and Dynamic! These classes are designed to build body awareness and revive body strength with a focus on alignment and accurate muscle engagement.

Exercises and resistances are altered on an individual basis making classes suitable for all levels of ability.


Mat Pilates

Improving posture, alignment, flexibility & strength; mat-based Pilates is a low impact form of exercise with an enormous number of benefits!

Classes are modified to accommodate all levels of health and fitness


Barre Pilates

Barre is a low impact, high intensity workout created as a fusion of Pilates, ballet & fitness.

Predominantly using the ballet barre, this workout helps strengthen your core, glutes & legs whilst improving your posture!

Classes are modified to accommodate all levels of health and fitness


Hybrid classes cross over a variety of disciplines offered through our studio meaning each class you attend will be different to the next!

Classes are suitable for all levels of health & fitness.

HYBRID – Cardio

We turn up the tempo in this class intended to make you sweat!

Classes are designed for an intermediate fitness level


Our OPEN STUDIO time are available to our XTEND Membership holders. These designated times give you a chance to come in and use the studio equipment at your own pace under the supervision of one of our PHYZ X team members.
Whether you’re needing a good stretch, wanting to practice some exercises from your most recent class or looking to really focus on one muscle group – as PHYZ X XTEND Member, our doors will be open to you!

Ability to book multiple time slots   |   Programs available in studio for you to follow.


Semi Private Rehab Sessions

Our StudioX classes offer clients requiring rehabilitation or those who have wellness goals, with a personalised program to work through in a smaller class setting. StudioX uses a range of Pilates Studio Equipment overseen by the PHYZ X Therapy team.

Enquire through PHYZ X Reception

HER Pilates

Pregnancy and Post Natal Pilates

Designed for our ‘new-mums’ and ‘soon-to-be-mums’ these classes are clinically designed to offer safe Pilates-based exercises both pre and post childbirth.

The PHYZ X Clinical team will provide a safe environment to stay active and feel empowered during your maternal journey!

Enquire through PHYZ X Reception

MENS Pilates

Whilst men are welcome in all PHYZ X Pilates classes, these sessions are set aside for our male clientele only.

Though the principles are the same, this class will focus heavily on technique to help achieve holistic fitness; emphasising core strength and mobility as these are great foundations for other forms of sport/exercise.


With a variety of class types available, PHYZ X Yoga allows you to slip into a moving meditation that benefits the body and mind.